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We own a flying service and maintain ground rigs.  In our business, time is money.  Sur-Tec flows through the planes better than any product out there!  Southern Kansas Flying Service. . .

 With Sur-Tec I don’t have to spend time messing with dry bags anymore!  Midwest Kansas Farmer. . .

Sur-Tec gives me a more even distribution of herbicide and I get a better kill.  Southern Minnesota Farmer. . .

I farm 20,000 acres and I have never seen a product perform like Sur-Tec!  We have used it in the worst spraying conditions and still got excellent kills.  South Dakota Farmer. . .

Putting everything in one jug not only makes it easy to use but gives us great kill.  Oklahoma Farmer. . .

It started raining before I got done spraying, but I still got a great kill across the whole field!  Minnesota Farmer. . .

The Most effective and simple to use product I have ever worked with.  I love Sur-Tec!  Iowa Applicator. . .

welcome to PHD Maximum Crop, LLC

Local Farmers Testimony to the Effectiveness of C4

C4C-4 Clean GreenC4

“This product has made a name for itself in the agriculture field.  I have never seen a product perform this well.  Ya gotta try it!”
                                                                                                -Jeff, CO Farmer

“C4 has been the real difference maker for me.  Most years I barely get by with all the pesticides I have to buy for my crops; but since I started using C4 I haven’t had any bug or fungus problems! This stuff has saved me a fortune!”
                                                                                                -Gregg, KS Farmer

“I applied C4 with the second application of roundup on soybeans for several of my customers and they averaged right at 7 bu more overall.  Multiply that times $10 beans and it is a great return.  Everyone was happy!”
                                                                                                -Commercial Applicator/Dealer, SD

“We were missing a whole month of heat units for our corn; but we still produced the best corn we have ever grown with C4!”
                                                                                                -SD Farmer

“My customers are all telling me how much they like C4; especially their yield increases!”
                                                                                                -Commercial Applicator/Dealer, NE

“We had limited water and got hailed on 2 times; yet we did 196bu corn!  Plus we were virtually insect and fungus free, even after the hail.”
                                                                                                -Terry, CO Farmer

“Our soybeans are usually poor and average 20bu acre.  We had been considering selling the land.  This year we used C4 and got the best yields ever!  So now after an outstanding year we’re going to keep the land!!!!”
                                                                                                -Jared, OK Farmer

“We tripled our production for tonnage and increased cuttings with C4, Calcium and HA-12!  We are very satisfied!”
                                                                                                -Elton, MS Grass Farmer

“This year using C4 our Corn average 40BU better!  This is an excellent product!”
                                                                                                -Mark, TN Farmer

“The soybeans just exploded on C4!  We saw a tremendous difference after only 1 application of C4!  I was skeptical at first; but C4 is the real deal!”
                                                                                                -Kevin, IA Farmer

“This product has thoroughly convinced me that there is more to farming than just NPK and how much you apply.  I’ve been using traditional NPK fertilizers for over 10 years and every year I end up with the same lack-luster crop.  This year C4 changed all of that!  I used several products including C4 and I grew the best crop in my farming career!  I didn’t use any pesticides on my ground either!  Thank you!”
                                                                                                -Nick, CO Farmer

“I used C4 on my soybeans two times and I got better yields that all my neighbors!  There is a night and day difference between my field and all my neighbors.  I’m simply blown away by C4!”
                                                                                                -James, AR Farmer

“Our soil is less than ideal for growing crops here in TX.  We had tried all kinds of different products to get our soil conditions up with little success.  Then we tried some C4 and it made a world of difference!  There products improved our soil so much that we now grow some of the best crops in the region!  Our favorite products are C4 and Sur-tec.  You simply can’t find a better product for the money that works this well!”
                                                                                                -Jake, TX Farmer

“Every year we have the same ongoing battle against bugs in our fields.  And every year it seems like the bugs win.  Not this year… This year we found out about C4 and it turned everything around!
                                                                                                -Ian, KS Farmer

Testimony from a farmer that was in an extreme drought, yet he nearly doubled his soybean crop.  After 30 years of growing Soybeans, he couldn’t believe his eyes.  He had mixed our C4 with generic roundup and had sprayed his Soybeans one time.  “The C4 treated plants have exploded, while the controls are 30% smaller and yellowed”.  “The C4 treated plants had many more limbs and were all bushed out.  The controls were just straight stalks.

More Farmer Testimonies

“Our Yields Increased by an average of 40%!”

“On all our vegetable crops C4 was a home run.  We saw bigger, better, healthier vegetables across the board.”

“C4 Increased Crop Production & Saved Money”

“We almost entirely eliminated the need for herbicide on our soybeans by using C4!”

“C4 Apparently improved sugar content of the plant substantially & actually eliminated the need for pesticides!”

“Our C4 treated Soybeans simply Out-Performed our commercial fertilized fields”

“C4 is the best investment I ever made in my crops”

“We saved over 50% on the cost of fertilizers on our crops by using C4!”



100% Nature Friendly Sur-Tec "Chemical Buffer & Enhancer"
Sur-Tec is a premium buffering and enhancement agent (adjuvant) designed to maximize the efficiency of chemical spray solutions. This all-in-one product makes tank mixes for herbicides and pesticides easy and super effective. Best of all Sur-Tec can save you money!
With Sur-Tec, you no longer have to buy multiple individual products with their lengthy, hard to understand instructions. Say goodbye to dry ammonium sulfate!

Sur-Tec Contains:
• Concentrated liquid ammonium sulfate
• An anti-foaming agent
• pH buffer
• Non-ionic surfactant
• Water softner
• Plant stickers
• Plant penetrators
• Enzyme crop protector

C4C-4 Clean Green


A Properly Applied Carbon Product that is “Fully-Loaded” can make a Profitable Difference!

  • Improve photosynthesis, resulting in higher plant brix levels and better yields.
  • Chelate fertilizer solutions, making them more available to the plant.
  • Boost soil Azotobacter nitrogen production.
  • Help plants overcome stress from hail or frost.
  • Help crops recover from herbicide shock, especially soybeans.
  • Feed soil microbes, which then convert nutrients in the soil into plant food.
  • Breakdown crop residue and help build humus, best applied during the off season.
  • Stimulate amino acid and protein production in the plant.
  • Can increase nodulization in legumes by supplying carbohydrate to plant.
  • Opens stomata (plant leaf cells) to accept foliar fertilizer applications.
  • Work as a chemical carrier and wetting agent, entering plants at cellular level.
  • Stimulate mycorrhizal growth in plant root systems, assists in nutrient flow.




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At PHD MAXIMUM CROP the customer comes first. PHD MAXIMUM CROP offers a complete line of nature friendly fertilizers and soil conditioners. These products have proven themselves time and time again in all types of soil conditions to increase yields and profits. Everyone needs to give our program a try. You'll be glad you did!
Along with our excellent fertilizer programs, PHD Maximum Crop offers a complete line of plant seeds.

We make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied with respect to any products. Manufacturers and sellers obligation limited to replacement of product for defective material only. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the misuse or inability to use the product.