Organic Liquid Seaweed Cream

One of our most popular nutrients, Seaweed Cream is an organice application that maximizes crop production through increased germination, root growth. This organic fertilizer replenishes depleted soil, helping farmers to increase crop yields and maximize profit ratio.

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The photo on the left is prior to application, and the photo on the right is post-application.

This is the difference Seaweed Cream can make for you.



Organic Liquid Seaweed Cream Fertilizer Benefits


1) Promotes additional budding if applied when plants are starting to bud.


2) Extended shelf life for fruits and vegetables when applied 10 prior to harvest.


3) Extends the life of cut flowers when sprayed with Liquid Seaweed one or two days prior to cutting.


4) Treated seed pieces and/or seeds, show improved germination, growth, and improved seedling vigor.


5) Seaweed Cream is an excellent rooting solution. Place cuttings in a mixture of Liquid Seaweed Cream/water until roots develop. When planting, combine Seaweed Cream and water for moisture and when watering.


6) Seaweed Cream increases nutrient uptake, protein content, and the overall quality of irrigated and dryland crops.


7) Organic seaweed fertilizers are an ideal soil treatment.


8) Increases: crop yields, uptake of inorganic constituents, resistance of plants to frost, resistance to stress conditions, reductions in storage losses of fruit. These are just a few of the benefits attributed to organic liquid Seaweed Cream.


9) Vigorous growth, while deterring pests and diseases. Safe for use on fruit, vegetables, flowers, and lawns, as well as crops.


10) Seaweed Cream includes more than 70 minerals, enzymes, and vitamins.


11) Seaweed fertilizers are popular with organic gardeners. Our product includes fully chelated micro-nutrient, providing natural, organic, plant hormones. It’s carbohydrate base is an important building block, providing a food source for necessary microorganisms.


12) Alginates, (the sponge-like starches in seaweed), hold moisture near the root of the plant, while enriching the soil by feeding nutrients to the organisms that help breakdown and compost the soil.


13) Research has proven that soaking seeds in a seaweed mixture leads to speedier germination and root growth, increased root mass, stronger plants, and an increased survival rate, with a decreased incidence of transplant shock.


14) Examine these dramatic results found by researchers: geraniums produced an increased number of flowers per plant; sweeter grapes; gladiolus corms were larger; and increased cucumber yields of 40 percent, while their fruits had lessened incidences of softening or rotting. Measurements showed improved yields for potatoes, peppers, sweet corn, apples, tomatoes strawberries, oranges and okra. A higher tolerance to frost, improved germination, and a higher absorbance capability for trace elements were documented benefits.


15) Seaweed Cream offers many benefits. It provides natural hormones and nutrients not available from other fertilizers. Foliar application is recommended for the best results.


16)  The main hormones provided by seaweed fertilizers include: auxins, cytokinins, gibbelerins, and betaines. These hormones are essential for maximized plant health as they help control the speed and quality of plant growth, including telling the plants when to bud or delay budding.


17) Seaweed helps plants form their own auxins, providing them with the nutrients to do so.


18) Cytokinins are a crucial part of plant hormones, as the affect the growth process. Liquid seaweed extract as found in PhD Maximum Crop’s Seaweed Cream stimulate growth as they help mobilize nutrients, and can help frost damage as low as ( -3 C). Cytokinins help retard senescence, or the aging process, in the plant.


19) Betaines help improve water uptake, making them crucial during drought.


20) PhD Maximum Crop’s Seaweed Cream fertilizer works as a soil conditioner, to improve soil crumbling and moisture retention.