Miller Hybrids: Corn, Alfalfa, and Bean Seed for Optimum Yields and Profit



Benny Bendewald, owner of PHD Maximum Crop, is your local dealer of high quality Miller Hybrid Seed. If you are interested in maximizing yields and increasing your profit, our premium quality corn, beans, alfalfa, and cover crops are the best choice. Carefully chosen to produce the highest emergence rates, drought-resistance, and optimum yields, Miller Seed helps you increase production and profit.

As a certified dealer, we can help you determine which strains are best to grow in your area. Weather conditions, growing season, and soil type are important considerations when determining which strain of corn or other seed to plant.

Miller Hybrid Seed is your source for the Shieldcoatâ„¢ 100% replant guarantee. In addition, we offer volume discounts, overstock discounts, and more to help you maximize profit.
In addition to our line of corn, beans, and alfalfa, cereal rye, Timothy and more, we are your source for cover crops, including:

Ripper Forage Radish
Crimson Clover
Mercury Annual Ryegrass

SilageKing BMR Hybrid Forage Sorghum
Hayking II Hi-Gest® BMR Hybrid Sudangrass

Forte Tall Fescue
Optima Orchardgrass
Jetta Italian Ryegrass

Our wide variety of seed ensures you plant the strain that will thrive in your unique circumstances. We have helped farmers maximize crop production for the past three decades. We encourage independent-minded farmers who are interested in measurable results to try our premium corn hybrids and see the difference.

Call Benny Bendewald today, at 712-253-0380 to learn which of our products work best in your location to maximize your yield and profits.