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welcome to PHD Maximum Crop, LLC
About PHD
Benny and Patty Bendewald, Owners

Benny and Patty offer a strong commitment to service and reliability which has been proven through out the years.

Benny has been involved in agriculture his entire life. Raised on a farm near Aberdeen, South Dakota. Benny and his father farmed small grain crops, raised stock cows, pigs, chickens and dairy cows.

Benny and Patty have great knowledge, commitment and proven entrepreneur skills to guarantee the success of your farming operation whether you have a small or large operation. Benny and Patty have extensive experience in justifying new product development, determining and documenting new product requirements, developing sales forecasts and product pricing, and launching new products to the market place for your crop raising needs. Patty and Benny have marketed many new product lines through commercials on “RFDTV”.

In 1969, Benny began and now, with Patty’s assistance, currently operates their harvesting business. During 1999, with the large demand for No-Till, Benny and Patty started B&B No-Till Planting and Harvesting. Through the years they have always been concerned about the damaging practices being used in the farming of our soils, which has led to the breakdown of our soil structure. During 2001, Benny and Patty created PHD Maximum Crop. PHD Maximum Crop offers a complete line of organic and nature friendly products. Benny and Patty have been successful with both B&B No-Till and PHD Maximum Crop and have always strived to achieve excellence. 

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At PHD MAXIMUM CROP the customer comes first. PHD MAXIMUM CROP offers a complete line of nature friendly fertilizers and soil conditioners. These products have proven themselves time and time again in all types of soil conditions to increase yields and profits. Everyone needs to give our program a try. You'll be glad you did!
Along with our excellent fertilizer programs, PHD Maximum Crop offers a complete line of plant seeds.

We make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied with respect to any products. Manufacturers and sellers obligation limited to replacement of product for defective material only. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, loss or damage directly or consequently arising from the misuse or inability to use the product.