10% Calcium Plus






Success Strategy

Continue to aim for good yields. One year of high yield and high prices will fix a lot of bad years. Drastically cutting inputs is not the road to take – it ensures that you will never have a good year.


Guaranteed Analysis:
Soluble Calcium (Ca) ….. 10%
Active Ingredient: Soluble Calcium
More available than gypsum or ag lime
Increases plant nutrient uptake and stabilizes Nitrogen.
Calcium Plus will hold the nitrogen in the soil for your growing crops. It allows you to have a higher yield with less loss and long term benefits for your soil and bottom line. 10% Calcium Plus can be mixed with 28% or 32% N and applied or it can be broadcast applied just before any nitrogren applications-always apply with or prior to nitrogen applications.
Grow healthier crops with less input!
** Caution: Do not apply with fertilizers containing *phosphate or potash. Not compatible with any glyphosate formula, 2,4-D amine or ester herbicides. Always jar test before tank mixing. (*10-34-0 or other comercial phosphate and potash fertilizer formulas get when mixed with 10% Calcium Plus)